Friday, December 16, 2011

Oswald Cake for David & Adam

For my boys' 3rd birthday, they wanted an Oswald cake. Oswald is such a cute show on Nick Jr with Fred Savage as the voice of Oswald the Octopus. He was super-simple, so I was happy about that after the 5-hour Jessie & Tinkerbell! Here's a picture:

The blue for Oswald ended up darker than I meant, but it was ok.  I should have stopped while I was ahead with the Royal Blue coloring, but I put a little of the black in and it was too much.  I decided to do the cake in reverse of what you normally do, icing the cake in the color of the design, & then filling in the negative space around instead of the reverse.  I like how it came out, and so did my boys!

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